Tightwad allegation made after $1.8m win

David Giral Ortiz, a nearby caddie nicknamed “El Tucan”, was paid only $7000 after Kuchar’s one-stroke triumph in the November competition, he told’s profit for the competition, his first win in four years, turned out to $1.8 million.Ortiz said he was offered another $20,000 by Kuchar’s specialist yet turned it down, observing it to be an unsatisfactory sum.”Forget about it,” he told “They can keep their cash.”Caddies on the PGA Tour normally get five percent of a player’s profit and can make as much as 10 percent for a success or a main 10 wrap up.Prior to the competition, the 40-year-old was told he’d acquire $4000 in addition to an unspecified level of Kuchar’s income.

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